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PostSubject: Read this to apply.   Read this to apply. I_icon_minitimeMon Nov 15, 2010 1:42 am

Hey all,

First of all, thank you for showing interest towards our guild!

Once you make your application, you may want to inform an officer of our guild about it in-game. This however does not mean that your application will be immediately checked. It might take a few days.
Also, if there is an update regarding your application, please do not post a new one. Just reply to the old thread you submitted, instead. No applications will be removed.

Alive does not exist for the epics, and most certainly not so people can use the guild to get them. In fact, we do not have a real DKP system. All loot is given out by the officers (loot masters) in order to benefit our PvE progression. In the case of any dispute which may arise, the loot masters will point out all the facts behind their decisions after the raid. Bear in mind that any personal message to the current master looter in order to solve any disagreement about the loot during the raid is not accepted and it will mostly be ignored. If any dispute about the loot does occur, and it is sole unjustified crying about the loot, you will be instantly removed from the raid and will be banned from receiving loot for the entire raid lockout week. New members are not likely to get loot over old members, but our people are very well geared so a lot of stuff is not wanted by many.

You are also expected to be able to join raids a lot. This means, your activity and raid attendance should be higher than 90% of the raids we plan. We only want people we can rely on. If we can't rely on your activity, we won't have an use for you because then we would have to recruit some other person to play with us while you are gone.
Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday are our main raid days. If we are close to finishing a raid we will also finish it on a Monday. When we go on farm we will remove Thursday as a raid day and reintroduce it when a new content patch comes out.
Raid times will be:
19:30-23:00, maybe 23:30 depending on current daily progress.
Log on at say 19:20 for raid invites to go out and raid ASAP.

We use vent 3.0 to communicate during raids. This is not an English test, but you need to be able to communicate with the raid. It also means that you should already have a microphone (and the guts to use it). You don't need to talk all the time, but it would be great if you could speak up when it really matters. Sometimes a short answer like yes or no is more helpful than saying lots meaningless stuff.
We like to make lots of jokes in the guild, and insult each other in good fun every now and then, just to have a laugh. Laughing is a good way to relief stress while raiding for one. If you are sensitive to these things, reconsider applying.

We believe that your favourite flavour of pie should be apple pie!

Currently we are not recruiting anyone who is not level 85 yet. You may post your application prior to that, but be advised that we will not consider it until you have attained the maximum level. We also might not directly invite you to the guild with a trial status, but instead may invite you to raid with us for a bit to see if you have any potential.

We do not have any "real" gear requirements. Our raiding people are geared very well, which means we can gear new recruits up relatively fast. However, we do take a look at your gear and decide whether or not you know how to build a good kit depending on what is available to you. Thus, a guy in good blues that suit him very well gets in before someone who is wearing the wrong epics. If you are too poor to buy enchants and gems (and epics cost a lot to repair, too!), please do not apply. Even if the guild provides the actual materials, you are still needed to be able to provide these for yourself.

Using the forums is a necessity. You have to be able to inform us if you aren't able to make it to the raid (especially for a longer period of time). "Not really caring" and only showing up when you feel like it, is a quick way to end a trial. We also do not want any more people who tend to go AFK all the time. You may wish to go afk sometimes but you need to inform the raid leaders.

Alive has had the following PvE progress during Wrath of the Lich King:
All Wrath content previous to ToGC25, cleared completely.
Trial Of the Grand Crusader 25 man - 4/5
Icecrown 10 man Normal - 11/12
Icecrown 25 man Normal - 10/12

Before you apply make sure you SIGN up. If you don't we will not consider your application and we will not be able to see your Armory link.

Since we're a 10 man raiding guild, you might not be able to enter every single raid and you must accept this.

All applications should contain the following information:

Some information about yourself:

Some information about your character, history, experience etc:

Armory link and spec (Please link it), is there a better spec for ur supposed role in Alive? And if there is, why aren't you using that one? Also explain your glyph choices:

Please post a link to your in-combat UI, list your addons and give us an explanation of the function on all of your important addons:

Please post any past raid logs where you are in ( for instance.)

Your professions and their current level, are they the best professions for you? If not, why don't you have the best professions for you?

Raid experience in all expansions of wow, do you have experience with any other class?

What's your favourite flavour of pie?

Your guild history and why you choosed to leave those guilds:

Will you be able to get enough money for repairs and consumables?

Do you have any job/school or other personal problems wich will periodly decrease your attendance to raids?

What can you add to Alive?

What do you expect from Alive, and how did you hear about us?

Is there anything else you would like to add? (For example, are you a hell of a theorycrafter with the biggest dps spreadsheet ever or are you totally insane in pvp?)

If you make a bad application you will be automatically declined. If you have been declined for whatever reason, unless given permission, wait to reapply an entire month.
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Read this to apply.
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