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PostSubject: Drolac , 85 Hunter   Drolac , 85 Hunter I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 23, 2011 10:39 pm

Hi there,
My name is Adam , I am 16 years old (17 in February) I live in the UK and currently studying A-level's at college.


I have only been playing about 3 months now, have been playing hunter since my first day of wow. never looked back- I have always enjoyed the appeal of ranged classes!

Overall, I have been playing MMO's for the last 6 years. Starting with Daoc, then Warhammer online, Aion.

Armory link -

Spec - I'm currently MS - Survival for Raiding/PvE - 0/9/32 OS - Marksmanship for PvP content - 3/31/7

I'm finding, along with many other hunters that Survival has a very high dps output compared to the others specs, atm. I don't do a huge amount of theorycraft, but i use websites such as Femaledwarf and Elitist Jerks to further enhance and fuel my Hunter knowledge and play style.

Current rotation looks something like this -- HM, pet attack -> SS, Black Arrow -> Explosive Shot -> blood fury, RF -> Cobra shot (rebuild focus) -> explosive (when off cooldown) - Arcane's to bleed off additional focus.

I do however adapt my rotation to the situation, I am still learning my hunter, however I have racked up 20days played time in these past 3 months. I'm well acquainted with it's strengths, weaknesses and overall capabilities.

I find my pet quite an integral part of my play I have a variety of pets, and use each depending on raid setup , so that theyre abilites do not clash with that of other classes, to maximise mine and the raids potential.


Here is a screenshot of my current UI, which i use for all occasions. I don't use too many Addons of which are important

- VBM , OmniCC, Omen, recount.

I find Omen incredibly useful for all situations, controlling my aggro enables me to know when to actively use misdirect, and assist others around me.

OmniCC is another useful addon, I am able to easily notice when a certain ability is off cooldown, notifying me quickly.

VBM is self explanatory

My professions atm, are rather mediocre - JC 325 and Mining 336

I haven't out alot of time into my professions , evidently. Because i have been focusing on levelling and progressing. The question of relevancy to my class, well, Jewelcrafting is a good choice, however mining is hypothetically not. I was working on the basis of just farming mats and selling them for profit, on further analysis, Engineering would be a much better use of my time. I am planning to maybe drop mining for engineering and pursue it on a seperate character. I also want to execute professions which would be beneficial to the guild.


I have cleared ICC 8/12 , ToC 10 , both with pugs (didn't have a guild at the time) I then joined Fistful Of Love, I was raiding within the first week of joining we progressed ( BWD, BoT , TotFW) as far as 4/12 collectively. ( I will come to the guild situation later)

I currently have a Paladin (holy) at level 60 - Link (if necessary) - In time I plan to level this character.


What's your favourite flavour of pie?

It has to be Apple! sometimes with blackberries too, It's a regular sunday treat


Your guild history and why you choosed to leave those guilds:

As stated earlier in my app, I was guildless up until about 2 weeks ago. Upon joining Fistful of Love, I was raiding almost instantaneously, the atmosphere was great, we got some progression. But then things started to go downhill, members weren't turning up for raids, lack of organisation in my group in particulur. Group 1 were making fast progression, while we were being left on the 'backburner'. Me and a couple of other's don't like the direction in which the guild is going, I am still in the guild. But on acceptance for Alive, on mutual terms I will leave the guild.

Will you be able to get enough money for repairs and consumables?

I get by on an average of 1k gold seemingly. I can afford all consumables such as flasks, food ect with no real problem. I understand my professions are lack lustre, However once I am able to start earning more gold I hope to max out my skills.


I attend college 5 days a week, and currently have no Job, my studies come before the game, but I fit things into my schedule. your raiding hours would suit me greatly, and the days on which you raid are perfectly fitting!


What can you add to Alive?

I feel that I can add to an already lively and Friendly guild, a fun, rewarding environment, but also mature when the situation calls for it. I feel that I am a pragmatic person, applying myself to the situation as it requires. I haven't been playing very long, and my raiding history is far from experienced. But I'm a keen learner, hard worker and will do everything to the best of my ability. I'm looking for a guild in which I can give 110% and more,
I'm looking for a guild to support and help me take my game to the next level.


What do you expect from Alive, and how did you hear about us?

I expect to be with a group of individuals who regularly attend raids, who enjoy working as a team, communicating and most importantly have fun As for hearing about you, It was Fame who notified me of your guild, i have played with him a few times, and talking to him, He is a genuinely awesome guy, and a great player. I am sure that he reflects the persona of the rest of the guild, If so , then this guild seems like a perfect and apt environment I'd would enjoy playing in.

- Thank you for taking the time to review my application, kind regards, Adam.

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Drolac , 85 Hunter
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